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速捷电梯有限公司 国际业务部
International Business Department

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Hangzhou Factory:XIZI Group Industrial Park, No. 2329, Keji Avenue, Linan, Hangzhou, China 杭州临安市青山湖街道科技大道2329号西子电梯产业园

Chengdu Factory:188 Shuanghua Road, Chengdu, China 成都市双流县西南航空港经济开发区双华路188

Tianjin Factory:278 Aviation Road, Airport Economic Zone, Tianjin, China 天津市空港经济区航空路278

    Book now to visit our smart factory in Hangzhou, China. You see it with your own eyes, you see it as a reality.

    Posted by Surapid Elevator – A Xizi Company on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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