The #1 Elevator Group in China

SURAPID Elevator Co., Ltd.(速捷电梯) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Xi’ao Elevator Group specializing in complete elevator and escalator solutions.

New Xi’ao Elevator Group is listed as one of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, the #1 integrated elevator group in China, the largest elevator & escalator component supplier in China. In 1997, New Xi’ao Elevator Group and OTIS established a famous joint venture elevator company in Hangzhou, China, known as XIZI OTIS.

Traction machines, control systems, door operators, safety parts are all produced by ourselves, thus ensuring the quality and stability of our elevators and escalators.

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SJ-Victor Standard

SURAPID Passenger Elevator

SURAPID SJ-Victor Series Passenger Elevator with excellent reliability and superior comfort experience, which is a good choice for residential apartment, office building, and hotels etc.

Loading Capacity: 450~1600kgs
Traction Machine: PM Gearless Traction Machine
Door Operator: PM variable frequency door operator
Controlling Cabinet: dual-32-bit integrated microcomputer controlling system


SURAPID Escalator

SURAPID escalator is of smooth running, comfort experience, and beautiful features. It is a good choice for hospitals, high-end office building, residential apartment, hotels, CBD, shopping mall, and public facilities etc.

Inclined Angle: 30°/35°
Width of Steps: 1000mm/800mm/600mm
Rated Speed: 0.5m/s
Handrail Type: Slim Type
Working Condition: Indoor/Outdoor